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We know that embarking on your new career can be both daunting and exciting. You'll have lots of questions and want to be able to compare different organisations before deciding what is right for you. We hope this Graduate Hub helps, but please get in touch with any questions you might have. We have split this section into separate advice for planning and design because grads have specific needs, but its important to say that we operate as one big team, collaborating and innovating together to produce great projects.  

Build a career in:


Always at the heart of what we do, people form the places we create and the place that we work. DLA invests in its team through profit share, flexible working, health care, study tours, socials and more. We care about our local community and have a charity group that manages the distribution of the DLA charity fund and organises activities so everyone can get involved in giving back. 


Based on equality of opportunity and seeking to realise individual talents and skills, DLA will support you through your career development. We work in teams of all levels and disciplines led by project managers, which forms a collaborative and constructive working environment. With everyone contributing to work outputs, the opportunity to learn and share pushes on your professional development.


A passion and commitment to the work we do is how we create successful places. We continue our founder’s vision of bringing together likeminded people, who have a desire to design and plan sustainable communities to provide people with the homes, jobs and services they need.


Our work is driven by creating places. We have a diverse portfolio of projects in the private and public sector, spread across the UK and internationally. We work with our clients, communities, and consultants to design and plan places and have the privilege of being involved in schemes from inception to development. ‘Our place’ is central Milton Keynes, we value having one hub for everyone to come to and share their ideas and work. Being located where we are means we have access and are accessible to so many places.

The things we value

A career in urban design

A career in planning

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