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Build a career in

Urban Design

Design at DLA

Since DLA was founded in 1988 our practice has grown in reputation and reach; we are now recognised as one of the most influential and innovative organisations in our field, particularly in relation to masterplanning and planning for strategic growth and urban regeneration. Planning and urban design colleagues collaborate closely on a varied range of projects for the public and private sector, with the shared ambition of delivering great and sustainable places where communities can flourish.

Urban Design Graduate Opportunities

To apply for a position in our design team please send a letter of application, a link to your portfolio and a CV  to

To see which graduate events we’ll be attending this year checkout our events schedule and book in to speak with a member of our team and follow our social media channels to get live details on our work experience and recruitment opportunities.

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Meet the Team

DLA’s masterplanners and urban designers have backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, graphic design and science, and together work at all scales as part of an integrated team, practicing alongside exceptional planners, graphic designers, GIS experts and 3D visualisers in a friendly and supportive studio environment.

As a graduate urban designer, you will learn from our team on a daily basis, working alongside them on a range of projects. We offer a bespoke mentoring scheme to support your professional growth and help you gain confidence as you grow your urban design career.

‘Seeing a response to “why DLA?” shows that you’ve taken the time to understand what we do and comes across as genuinely interested. It’s a bonus if you can suggest how you could contribute to our process.’

‘Given our work, a nod to an understanding of and desire to learn more about design within the UK planning system is important.’

‘We want to see ideas, stories and how you got to the final product, so use your sketch work and process (digital and hand drawn)’

‘It’s helpful if each project has a very short introduction saying what the purpose of the work was, and what your role was within it.’

‘What are your influences? It shows us what your approach to design is and helps us understand your thought processes. Motivators for good design are everywhere, from your favourite city and places to your interests outside of work and studying.’

‘Be clear and outline of your software skills, and in group work pieces be specific about what you did to influence the work and which elements are yours.’

Portfolio Advice

The quality your portfolio is a representation of the journey you’ve been on so far as a designer. It can tell us a lot about how you approach design and how well you can communicate your ideas. Curating your portfolio in a way that’s unique to you, but also shows us what you can do is the first step in catching our attention.


There’s no exact formula to building the ‘perfect portfolio’ but having seen our fair share through the years, these are the key components that help us get to know you through your design:

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